Fuck Yeah Lesbian Sex

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we love girls.
if you're under the age of consent in your country, please be respectful and do not follow this blog.
I don't claim anything on this blog and if your picture is on here, please let me know and I will take it down.

What’s your favorite lesbian porn video?

I actually don’t watch a lot of videos but when I do it’s usually something with Sasha Grey and/or strap ons. because I’m freakaaay obviously.

Can I ask you for some advice?

of course you can. I am all knowing. tell me your problems dahling.

Will you tell me a blog that’s similar to yours so I can stop reading yours because you are too mean to people? (maybe not phrased like that but pretty much that’s what you mean)


Will you post more videos?

no. I post videos that people send to me or if I happen across one on my dash. I don’t just sit around watching videos alright I DO HAVE A LIFE Y’ALL

you are a bitch/twat/asshole/douche/you are too mean to people/you shouldn’t be so mean/waaah wahhh waaaaaaaaaaah

that’s nice.

I couldn’t find the ask box on your personal blog so I came over here ^-^

oh my fucking god. there is an ask link ON MY BLOG PAGE RIGHT THERE.

how do I submit?

you better not leave me this in my ask box or I will freak out seriously


how do I ask a question?

do you need me to wipe your ass for you too?


will you look at my blog? ^-^

no. I especially won’t if you are 15.

why do you only post pictures of skinny white chicks?

I don’t. 

will you tell me sex positions to try?

no. watch porn.

why haven’t you posted my advice question yet?

1. your situation is tricky and I am thinking about the best advice to give you.

2. I believe that you are an idiot and I am thinking about the best way to make fun of you.

pick one.

what do you look like?




I’m 15 and a virgin should I have sex?

if you feel that you are ready for it, then go for it.

how do you feel about long distance relationships?


go there. 

and this was my response to all the hate I got over that answer:

honestly, I think some people are just a little touchy when it comes to online, long distance relationships.

but hey what can you expect from people who live their lives on the internet.

me? I personally prefer face to face contact. you know, actually being able to touch the person. 

and I’m sure that this will spark off more hate messages but hey whatever I’m going to bed so whatever. 

remember, my blog=my opinions. your blog=your opinions.”

fuck off. 

How do I shave my vagina?

just like you shave your legs. be careful, don’t cut off your clit, and use conditioner.

Does conditioner really work?

do you think I would tell you to use it if it didn’t?

Does the pineapple juice thing really work?

again, why would I recommend it if it doesn’t do shit?