Fuck Yeah Lesbian Sex

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we love girls.
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sexuality is super fluid and it doesn’t always stay the same through out our lives. I’ve had times when I’ve only been interested in fucking men and other time when men were ew gross and I only wanted to be around/sleep with women. 

maybe try talking to your bf, see if he would be interested in like opening the relationship or bringing another lady into the bedroom. 


as long as your boyfriends know or if you are in an open relationship. otherwise you are cheating and that makes you a very shitty person. you need to be open and honest with the person you are in a relationship with.


toys, other people, different positions, sex in public, role playing, uhhh more toys, uhhh that’s all I’ve got


sorry it took me so long to answer!

it’s entirely possible that you are attracted to men in a romantic way but not a sexual way, that’s not that weird. I have a boyfriend but I prefer women and having sex with them but I love my boyfriend so I have sex with him. 

oh and just a reminder, not all women have vaginas. a woman’s body can include a penis. 

but yeah I mean you aren’t weird, sexuality is very fluid and not everyone fits into these ridged boxes that the world thinks they should.